Speaking of which I do not even know where to start. I find myself at loss for words for you here. 

Just a bit of honesty

It has been a hell of a ride for you and it certainly has been for me over the past couple of years. The unimaginable happened, even though in this infinite Universe, anything is bound to happen, truly. 

So how was it that it caught us by surprise? 

Well, it is in our human nature to seek certainty, stability, to focus on what we can control and seek to build a career, a job, a marriage, a family and a life on top of that. 

You can’t build a life if your thoughts are constantly on the massive asteroids travelling at the speed of light across the Universe, many of which could at some point intersect with Earth; or how the Sun that nurtures this Solar System came to exist and if or when will it’s fiery heart will cease to beat… it is just not practical to do so.

So not being prepared for calamity and loss is not your fault. Who could have predicted that the whole world would for the first time in our history agree on something (more or less), which was to go on lockdown. Ouch! Let’s not even go there, yet. Ok?

DUH! you choose an APOCALYPSE to publish your first book

Well as an artist author and being gifted with a constant stream of images and words —which sometimes seem to come from different voices in my head, it is part of my endeavour to unfold things that inspire me. Human consciousness and the vastness of this Universe are just 2 of them.

In 2019 I started writing my book Energy in Motion, How to Unleash Your Mind and Take Action Now. 

It couldn’t have been published at the worst of times, a time when we all went into a sort of survival mode ruled by fears of many kinds.

Yeah books were around, but maybe at some point instead of thinking what book to read so you could be a better human, you thought instead you were in the movie The Day After Tomorrow and you might be in need of the pages of the book instead to keep you warm in the event electric power shot down. Especially if you lived in Canada… (you’ll be familiar with the reference if you watched the movie).

… Hey no judgement here, conspiracy theories ran rampart and wild! I certainly indulged in some of my own. 

I want to give up on this and walk off into the forest…

So I was about to give up on my book. Today I sat down to cancel all my websites and online memberships. I am on a mission to grieve and bury this past version of myself that I no longer recognize. I do have considered just walking off into the wild but I honestly don’t even have the grit to go camping. 

But something about my book staring at me back from the shelf stopped me.

I have always said this book is not me and it has a life of its own. I looked back at the testimonials some of my readers have left on the Amazon on this page and I just couldn’t bring myself to terminate this website.

I am not clear on why I have chosen to give it one more go, but here I go me and my likely and undiagnosed ADD and the million projects that still talk to me from the depths of my strange mind. Lest I go crazy and before I put this one to sleep, forever, here I friking go!

Back to the basics. Thank you for your patience.

And with all of my heart if you are reading this, I thank you for being here with me. 

Over the next months I am giving myself the opportunity to going back to the basics of what I love to do. That is to write for the love of writing, not because I want to make money with it, grow a business, become famous, or help others become illuminated, or save the world, or some of the other strange stories I have told myself over the past 2 years. Simple and basic: I love to write.

I will be gladly surprised if you stick around to ride along with me, especially from the infinite all-you-can-eat-buffet of online information at your disposal. And the little RAM Memory we all seem to have in our minds nowadays.


May 2023 surprise you, may it awe you, may you feel a sense of childlike wonder and curiosity for the world and the humans that surround you. May you find joy and peace again, however fleeting. May you treasure being human and the miracle that is.