Updated: Dec 31, 2020

How Publishing my Book is Just the Beginning of my Author-Reader Relationship

I am possibly reading my own book for the 7th or 11th or 21st time from beginning to end. I know I have lost count. To my surprise, I am having as much fun reading it as if I was reading someone else's book for the first time.

I often joke about the feeling I have that this book has a life of its own and not only did it write itself - and therefore that is a possible reason why I do not remember most of what I wrote, this book also chose when to be born: It became available on Amazon for the world to purchase on the date of the so-called "Great Conjunction,” and the winter solstice: December 21st 2020, both of which are meaningful astrological symbols.

I also have a feeling this book has a mind and some plans of its own.

Today my purpose for reading it again is to read it not as the author that created it, but as a reader experiencing it for the first time.

As such, I would want to have a mind blowing adventure while reading it. I expect to be highly entertained and possibly find answers to the troubling questions and healing of the painful emotions that 2020 brought into my life.

I know this is going to be the case of you my reader who has invested money, time and energy in taking on this adventure with me and I want to honor that.

It took me a little over 2 years from conception to the completion of "Energy in Motion."

It is I, me, Alejandra Díaz Mercado, a real person who typed letter by letter of the book and it is I, me, a real person, not a robot, nor an automatized system nor a third party creating the content on this blog. It is also me creating the social media posts and the online bonus material to accompany you, my reader, in your quest to unleash your mind and write a good damn story in your up and coming 2021.

This is the case because I want to be this person here for you right now. Anytime you interact with "Energy in Motion" you will be interacting directly with me. This is the kind of experience I would personally want if I was looking for answers, if I was looking for what works for me in 2021.

And so I ask you that you patiently navigate this adventure with me. Even though the book is finished, the extra adventures that come with it are in the process of being created.

If this mysterious Universe has taught me something is that meaningful and powerful things are worth waiting for… after all human consciousness has evolved over a period of 200,000+ years - according to the evolutionary model. And even looking at this Universe under various religious models I can grasp the importance of the time it takes to do personal work and personal atonement in order to become enlightened and/or saved.

So my dear reader, it is I, me, a human being bound by time, space, matter and energy, creating your reader experience, which will not end with the 174th page of your copy of Energy in Motion: How to Unleash Your Mind and Take Action Now.

"Energy in Motion: How to Unleash Your Mind and Take Action Now," will continue to evolve in the form of online material to assist you in finding the answers you seek and exploring the mysteries of your own world. And have some fun along the way!

I look forward to hearing from you as you read "Energy in Motion." The more I hear from your experiences, learnings, insights, downloads and how you integrate this material in your own life, but also of some of the gaps and challenges you are experiencing with it, the more I can create material that will be useful to you in your journey to a higher and more powerful version of yourself.

Enjoy your Holidays and I invite you to co-create with me the reader experience.

My highest regards to you and wishing you a happy new year,